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Name: Roger Leiner


He was born in Wiltz, Luxenbourg, in 1955. He studied Art in Strasbourg, France and since 1987 he lives as an independent cartoonist in Rollingen, Luxenbourg. He works with the weekly political cartoons D'Letzebuerger Land and Revue. He has made illustrations for several books and publications for private companies and government administrations in Luxembourg. He is the creator (together with texter Lucien CZUGA) of the comic-series De Pechert (three albums published with black and white strips/gags) and Superjhemp (the comical version of Superman exclusively in luxembourg language, 22 full-color albums). He has also made drawings for some one-shot albums about children's rights, and cartoons about animals, Deiere-Rubrik (six full-color albums). He has held personal exhibitions in many locations in Luxembourg. Additionally, he has created different animated cartoon films in collaboration with Lucien Czuga and AFO-Film-group. He has participated in Knokke-Heist, Belgium representing Luxenbourg at the Euro-Cartoon (1990); the same year he participated in Charleroi, Belgium at EURO-B.D. and at the Caricature Festival in Saint-Esteve, France (1994 & 1998).
Special guest at the “International Comics and Animation Festival” in Washington D.C.,USA (1997) and at the Comic-Festival “Kommissia” in Moscow, Russia (2006).