Stathis (Stavropoulos)

Stathis (Stavropoulos)
Name: Stathis (Stavropoulos)


Stathis (Stavropoulos), was born in 1955, Pirgos Helias.

He studied Political Sciences and Film Direction.
He first published political cartoons, caricatures and sketches in 1981 for the “Odigitis” and then, for the next ten years, for “Rizospastis” newspaper. He kept on doing so the following ten years, this time for the “NEA” newspaper and he now works for “Eleftherotypia”.
Meanwhile he also contributes regularly cartoon to a number of publications such as “ANTI”, “PROTI”, “MACEDONIA”, “METRO”, “EPICHEIRO”, “METOCHOS” etc.

Besides “E”, he currently draws for “4TROCHOI” magazine, ”DIFONO”, “PARASKEVI + 13” etc.
Stathis has illustrated many books, mostly children’s books for the greek publishing houses of “KASTANIOTIS”, “KEDROS”, “AGYRA”, “PATAKIS”. “PAPADOPOYLOS” and many more.

He has taken part in various exhibitions and cartoon festivals, has done numerous of individual exhibitions and his work has been exhibited 3 times in both ASTROLAVOS and AGATHI galleries.
He has published 21 albums of political cartoon, 3 collections of no caption cartoons and a book of illustrated songs.
Finally, he continuously writes his daily column entitled “NAFTILOS” for “ELEFTHEROTYPIA”. A collection of his finest articles is now on market, distributed by “PATAKIS” publications.

Stathis is a grapevine farmer, likes collecting toys, travels a lot ( or better say, writes a lot about travelling!) and is a father of two sons, Dionysius and Telemachus.