DRANIS ---------

DRANIS ---------
Name: DRANIS ---------
Nickname: DRANIS


Iam called Giannis Drakos (DRANIS) I was born in Patras fourty five years ago.

I live in Patras until today.
I was educated to the structural school (and I worked in this field in Patras for nine years). I also worked as a free designer and typist.
I have been illustrating books with sketches since 1991.

I had a cooperation with the magazine “TRIPODO” for five years and I sometimes have a cooperetion with the magazine “AUTOTRITI”.
The last twelve years I have been cooperating with the sunday newspaper “ETHNOS” and “ETHNOSPOR” and for the last three years with the Patras newspapers “SIMERINI”, “SPORTSWEEK” and the magazine “FRESH”.
I have also undertaken the illustration for ten of books for the edition bussines “PHSYHOGIOS”, “KETHROS” and the editions “SMIRNIOTAKIS” to the thematical fields.