Opening Night


Greek and foreigner cartoonists had a welcome tour to the greek parliament shortly before the opening of the exhibition and had the trivia "family photo".

They also had the chance of visiting Acropolis and its new museum, earlier, same day.

 First meeting 

First meeting between members of the Greek Cartoonists Association and their newly arrived European colleagues in Stamatopoulos Tavern in Plaka.Head of Parliament Dimitris Sioufas welcomed the artists, who enjoyed the food, the wine, the music, and the spontaneous carricatures drawn on the spot by several  of the participants.







Danish Cartoonist Jens Hage finds out what it is like to be a Greek Cartoonist, by taking a shot at drawing mr. Sioufas's carricature.








Duelling Tools! The Pen vs. the Bouzouki.

Exhibition “Suspended Step- Cartoons on the refugee crisis” goes to Spain!

at the Valladolid University!

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... made in europe

The new book by Michael Kountouris!

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